UNLV Alive Ministry Outreach

Apr 10 2012 - 00:00

Las Vegas

Overview of ALIVE

The purpose of ALIVE is to reach our local college campus, University of Nevada, Las Vegas with the gospel and be a light on a very dark campus, located in a city known for sin.  The vision for the outreach is two-fold; we would like to reach the lost and help college students out of lives filled with confusion, addictions, struggles and most importantly, godlessness; moreover, we would also like to allow the graduating seniors of Calvary Chapel Christian School the opportunity to preach the gospel and minister to the campus that many of them will be incoming students at in August of 2012.  Our hope is to reach various types of students by doing ministry that directly relates to their interests.  Through art, dance, sports, fashion, debates, round table discussions about important causes and awareness, we plan on meeting each coed exactly where they are with the message of a loving Savior.

Monday: April 9, 2012

Interest Day- Art and Music Festival

This day will be an informational day, centered on getting the details about each event that will be occurring for ALIVE in each area of campus.  Through “Scan Me” t-shirts, flyer distribution, live music, free food and information tables from para-church organizations, such as Hookers for Jesus, Saved in Vegas and the Women’s Resource Medical Center of Southern Nevada (WRMCSN), the details of the upcoming days and evening’s festivities will be presented.  Hookers for Jesus will be on hand to give information and awareness about the sex industry and how to be saved from this lifestyle, while the WRMCSN will be on site to share pro-life information, give information about resources that pregnant women may need and also have a mobile ultrasound just in case there are ladies on campus that are considering abortion.   Additional ministries and speakers such as Samy Tanagho of Glad News, a ministry to reach the Muslim community, will also be on hand sharing information and ministering to students on campus.  The Christian clubs that are part of the university will also be on hand throughout the day to give details about the clubs on campus that believers are able to join.  Free lunch will be passed out to the students passing by designated areas as well.

In the evening, a First Friday style music and art festival will take place on campus.  The students will have an area to do various types of art, while other artists do spoken-word presentations.  There will also be some “mini-concerts” featuring The Rep, JGivens, Humble Beast and Propaganda.  Students will also be on hand to evangelize and pass out information flyers that give details for Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s daytime and evening events for ALIVE.

Tuesday: April 10, 2012

Fashion and Sex Trafficking Awareness

This day will include performance art and include a fashion show that will highlight awareness of sex trafficking and being modest.  During this day free food will be passed out at lunchtime and there will be performances from Christian fire spinners that are featured in Cirque de Soleil’s show “O” at the Bellagio. In addition, rap artists Propaganda, The Rep, JGivens and Humble Beast will also have performance sets throughout the day.  There will also be Christian DJs on hand playing music while students do evangelism on campus in designated locations near the student union and other gathering areas on campus.  This day will be geared towards people that have an interest in fashion.  All para-church organizations as well as the Christian clubs from the college campus will also be on hand throughout the day to give information to the UNLV students.

In the evening there will be a special program to raise awareness about sex trafficking and young women finding their worth in Christ.  This evening will feature a live panel of various speakers formerly in the sex industry, fashion industry and modeling industry.  They will talk about being a light in the industries they work in and some will also share their testimony.  The evening will culminate in a live fashion show dedicated to dressing modestly and how not to allow your physical appearance define you.  Make-up artists will also be on hand to give ladies makeovers while students share the gospel with girls as they receive a makeover.  There will be an invitation to receive the Lord as well as a drawing at the end of the evening for gift cards to favorite stores and boutiques in the Las Vegas area.   This evening will be geared towards ladies on campus.

Wednesday: April 11, 2012

Sports Entertainment Day

This day will be dedicated to ministry in the sports entertainment industry.  Christian UFC fighters will be on hand during the day giving demonstrations and sharing their testimonies.  Merge Skate Ministry will also be in attendance doing live skate and BMX demonstrations throughout the day.  The students will be distributing free food on this day as well and informing college students about the round-table discussion that will occur in the evening regarding ministry in sports.

In the evening there will be a special night dedicated to Christian athletes with a concert following in the ballroom.  We will have athletes from various sports (NBA, NFL, UFC, etc…) speak about their lives in sports entertainment, preaching the gospel and leading lives that are a walking testimony.  Kenny Dobbs, the 2012 slam-dunk competition winner from this year’s NBA All-star game will also be on hand doing demonstrations, preaching the gospel and challenging students to a slam-dunk competition.  Rick Strausser, of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes will be the mediator for the discussion during the evening as well as have an information table to get student athletes information about the organization.  All para-church organizations as well as the Christian clubs from the college campus will also be on hand throughout the day to give information to the UNLV students.

For The Students Involved

The senior class students from Calvary Chapel Christian School in Las Vegas, Nevada, are the overseers for this ministry outreach.  They began the planning process for this outreach during their Bible class in 2011.  The students orchestrate the details of each day with the help of overseers (teachers from the school and the Pastoral Team of Calvary Chapel Spring Valley).  Their tasks include, but are not limited to, obtaining donations, finding helpers and volunteers, planning activities for each day, brainstorming practical ways to evangelize and minister to the UNLV campus, attend each day of ministry at UNLV, assist each guest with their hospitality needs (with the supervision of an overseer) and execute all details related to the outreach.  Through ALIVE, our students are able to have a completely hands-on role in putting together a ministry outreach from beginning to end and also get to use their various spiritual gifting to serve the Lord.  This is a great opportunity to not only live out their faith, but also understand how to effectively put together a ministry event and reach the lost for Christ.

...see you there.

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