What I Won’t Model

In my book, Fashioned By Faith, (to be released April 2011, Thomas Nelson) I share a number of things I won’t model because of my love for the Lord. (No alcohol, cigarettes, lingerie, nudity, anything perverse, homosexual in nature, sheer, etc.) Since one of those is alcohol, I’d like to expound.

My father was an alcoholic, and I experienced first-hand the destruction it caused in my home. Further, as a teetotaler—one who abstains completely from alcohol—it would seem hypocritical of me to advertise it, even subliminally, especially as a born-again Christian (Proverbs 20:1). By the way, this is not a subtle hint to impress my convictions of alcohol on anyone reading this, so stick with me. 🙂

Because of my convictions I won’t even model holding a glass of anything that looks like alcohol. However, a few years ago I was modeling in Egypt on a yacht and the shot consisted of me standing on the deck with another model and a “butler” holding a tray of champagne. I informed the photography crew the butler could present the glass to me, but I would not touch it. They snarled but went ahead with the shot.

As I was modeling I got in my zone as I always do, and they rattled off countless pictures. I placed my hand on my hip, then my neck, then glared out to sea, then shifted my weight, then cocked my head, then reached for the glass, then . . . WAIT! Did I just hold that glass? Man! I had slipped up, but it was just one of more than a hundred shots. Surely they wouldn’t choose that one. Well, guess what? Do I even need to tell you? Yep, there’s a published full-page color photo of me in an international magazine holding a glass of champagne and I never intended it to happen. (And no, I won’t tell you which publication.)

When it was published I just shook my head. I couldn’t believe I let my guard down for even a second. Satan got a kick out of it for sure. It just goes to show that in everything we do, we should “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1Peter 5:8).

He didn’t devour me, but he tried hard to silence my testimony and label me as a hypocrite. And he does it because he can’t have me—I belong to Jesus—all he can do is mess with me. Whatever your convictions, stick to them. Begin to recognize Satan’s schemes, be self-controlled and alert, and know that if you slip up, God can still use it to bring glory to Himself. Blog, anyone?

Rachel Lee Carter (C) Modeling Christ 2010

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