Modeling Modesty

As a professional model for more than 20 years, it is completely natural that I love fashion. The shapes, the texture, the fabric….But it always shocks me how the fashion industry repeatedly stretches the boundaries with immodest clothing. Shorts and skirts get shorter, tops get tighter, smaller and more low cut. Jeans that reveal a woman’s undergarments, see-through shirts that show her bra, and slogans on tee’s that exploit  the very girls who wear them…seriously, where does it end?

It’s maddening, and leads me to believe that it’s not so much what we wear, (or lack thereof), but where our hearts are.  I believe that modesty is a virtue that evokes a woman’s dignity and respect of herself.

In fact, I’ve had to walk off sets that wanted me to promote a less than modest wardrobe. And I’m actually proud to report that it has cost me clients and future work.

It’s no secret that women and girls who choose to wear this kind of attire certainly attract a fair amount of attention from the opposite sex. But honestly, is that the kind of interest she was hoping for? A woman who knows who she is, and recognizes her own strengths will feel no obligation to compete for that kind of attention. Instead, by modeling modest dress and behavior, he will become more inclined to get to know her as a person–her insights, dreams, abilities and humor, and not as a sex symbol.

Fashion should be fun, spontaneous, and enable women to express themselves.  But a good model, (or role model) does not have to sacrifice her purity, dignity and worth on the altar of bad taste.

Modesty is becoming a growing fashion trend.  So, for the sake of pure fashion, show off your best side…your INSIDE!

Rachel Lee Carter (C) Modeling Christ 2010

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