Modesty’s Top Ten

Here are my top 10 tips for modeling modesty:

1. Choose skirts that are no more than 4 fingers (side by side) above the knee.  When you sit, it will still rise a bit, but by covering your thighs, you’ll still be modest.

2. Wear finger-tip length shorts. Stand straight with your hands down by your side. Where your longest finger touches your leg is the shortest length your shorts should be and still be considered modest. This way, they won’t rise too high when you sit.

3. Instead of see-through tops and blouses, match them up with same color tanks as an undergarment, instead of showing off your bra, (which remember, is “under”wear).

4. Test your jeans. If your jeans show your underwear when you bend over, add a longer top to hide them.

5. Short shorts are a killer for guys, so insist your Sophie shorts become your new sleep shorts.

6. If you own a top that’s too tight, purpose to wear it only under V-neck sweaters or tunics, but never on its own.

7. Test the length of your tops. If your tummy shows–even when you raise your ams–coordinate a longer top underneath.

8. Hide your straps. No part of your bra should ever show. Ever. Wear a strapless one if necessary.

9. Skinny jeans do not equal Skin-tight jeans. Click here for definition.

10. Make sure your tops don’t come down too far in front. Here’s my trick: Keep 4 fingers together, and place them at the base of your collar bone. That’s as low as your top can be without showing cleavage when you bend over.

These are simple tricks to re-use what you already have in your closet, so you can wear clothes with confidence and not have to worry about someone questioning your intentions. When you do shop, keep these tips in mind so you won’t let today’s fashions influence your convictions. Be creative, and show off your best side…your inside!

Rachel Lee Carter (c) 2010 Modeling Christ


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6 Responses to Modesty’s Top Ten

  1. Crafty Mama says:

    GREAT tips! Love this!!

  2. Great tips!!

    I became a Christian at 22 y.o. and sometimes I feel I am still learning how to dress modestly, specially since I am from a country (Brazil) that is sex driven. 🙁 It’s amazing though, how my DD9 has all these rules in her conscience. She became a Christian when she was 4 y.o.

    She won’t wear skimpy shorts, or 2 piece swim wear, or even wear a favorite shirt that shows her belly just a bit, when she raises her arm. I have never said anything to her about them, but she has made her own decision to not wear them.

    I praise the Lord, that His Holy Spirit dwells in her and is teaching her His ways. 🙂

    • Rachel Lee Carter says:

      I had to learn it too. And still am. But the more I make choices toward modesty, the more comfortable and free I feel! Great job on your DD9! Proud of that girl!

  3. Jelli says:

    Good tips! I’d venture into leggings territory here, as so many girls & women tend to see leggings as a great cover-up for too-short of skirts. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Julie Pearl says:

    Wow, I have been following you on Twitter for quite a long time but I wasn’t able to get a chance to check your website. Thank you for these tips. We all do struggle as to what clothes we will wear.

    We don’t really have to cover ourselves like those in the Middle East but a distinction of what is modest and “sexy” should show if you are truly a Christian. I will visit your website more often now. 😀

  5. Michael says:

    As a male (single) I love to see a nice girl, but I always look away if I feel she is dressed to look sexy. Modesty and chastity are great virtues for both men and women and they contribute hugely to to happiness if only more people would realize this. I particularly agree with points 4, 7 and 9. The first two of these points (4 & 7) equally apply to guys. I’m not sure if point 9 does as I haven’t noticed anything skintight on men. However skintight pants are all too common with women now unfortunately but they don’t get any attention from me. Michael. Ireland.

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