Mod and modest?

Excerpt by: Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Editor, The Sunday Times

This may not be permanent — designers have been known to perform dramatic volte faces every six months. But when two designers who made their names with skin-tight dresses that deliberately revealed bras, corsetry and all the other underpinnings that had hitherto been a woman’s secret, find themselves overcome with an urge to produce herringbone dirndl skirts and ribbed polo-necks that reveal nothing, something’s up.

Modesty has been creeping back into vogue for some time. It’s a development not without benefits. The bare midriff, the evocatively named muffin top, the de rigueur paparazzi shot of a knickerless celebrity emerging from a car, now look very old hat. Covering up could be a really scandalous new tactic for the publicity-hungry celeb. Enter Dolce & Gabbana at their service.


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