i am second.

I have been a professional model for 20 years.

I moved to New York City as a teenager and quickly started making money and enjoyed seeing myself on the covers and in the pages of fashion magazines. Yet, I was hopeless and empty.

But in that mixed-up world of fashion, modeling, depression and rebellion, Jesus found me.

Soon after my salvation, I set out to learn more about this Jesus who saved me and set me free. I studied at Bible College for two years, but knew God was calling me back to the fashion industry.

I re-entered the business with a different agenda. My industry became my ministry as I began sharing Christ with other models, photographers and make-up artists.

Today, I still model professionally, but also serve in the ministry, Modeling Christ.

As a budding model, I thought it was all about me. Jesus saved me, and now and forevermore, I am second.

Rachel Lee Carter


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2 Responses to i am second.

  1. person says:

    Hello! I have a question:)

    You stated that you began sharing Christ with models, photographers and make-up artists. How did you go about doing so? Did any of them turn to Jesus because of it? I was just curious! I think it’s amazing that you talk about Christ to all of them– not just in the fashion industry, but everywhere, people are looking for fufillment and purpose in all the wrong places. Jesus is the hope of those who trust in Him, and as you said, first in our lives forever more. Thanks for your time, I’m sure you’re very busy!

    • Rachel Lee Carter says:

      Well, as God often does, He just seems to open the right doors for conversation with them. I invite them to church and that opens dialog, or I might be reading a Christian book or my Bible and that would open dialog. Sometimes, political or social questions allow me to share my faith. But one thing is for certain, God always seems to find a way for me to share faith with people I work with. I think the key to that is having an open and willing heart. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 🙂

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