Essentials for a Modest (Fall) Wardrobe

Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start in building a modest wardrobe. When I began looking at my wardrobe from a modest perspective, I was amazed at how few things I actually threw out.  The reason is due to the tried-and-true solution of layering.

Because of this simple technique, one can stay true to her style without sacrificing her reputation and morals. By itself, an article of clothing could be seen as immodest, but paired with a jacket, a tank or tunic, it can become a wonderful wardrobe staple for seasons to come.

So let’s start with the basics. Take a gander at your own closet, and see if you own some of these “must haves” for a modest wardrobe:

Colorful tank tops: I like ones that have wider straps, (I use the two-finger width rule for myself). And I also like tank tops that are longer—ones that don’t show my belly when I raise my arms. I use tank tops under blazers and V-neck sweaters all season long. Feel free to wear the new 80’s inspired cropped-tops with a tank top layer underneath. The trend will remain the same, but your integrity will be intact.

A great pair jeans. Boot-cut, or skinny jeans. Notice, I did not say skin-tight jeans. Here’s the difference. Some jeans are low cut and can be remedied by a long length top. If they’re too tight, wear them as jeggings and pair them with a dress.

Dresses: Lengths can range from just-above or below-the-knee, knee length, calf length, and floor length. Re-purpose your mini-dresses into tops. This has become a new trend and saves on having to oust them.

Tights: Tights in an array of colors and textures are popping up again this fall. They look best when they’re opaque. Pair them with finger-tip length shorts in denim, wool or suede.

Scarves: Who knew that the season’s most must have item can also be essential to a modest wardrobe? There are many, many ways to tie a scarf. What’s more, they can transform an outfit into a modest rendition of its former self.

Accessories: The best part of every outfit and the least expensive way to change-up any wardrobe is by accessorizing. Hats are huge and chunky jewelry is again the rage this season. And it doesn’t need to match. Individuality is key, so don’t wear it all at once, but don’t be afraid to mix and match either. Remember belts, bags, boots and ballet flats as well.

Modesty doesn’t need to be complicated; it just needs to be a priority.

“A woman who loves Jesus Christ as her Mediator avoids immodesty because she refuses to distract from or misrepresent the purity of the Gospel: it’s that simple. What you wear is connected to the Cross.” ~Pastor Rick Holland

Use these essentials when putting your outfits together this fall and let the world focus on seeing your best side, your inside!

© Rachel Lee Carter, Modeling Christ 2012




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  1. Hannah Jarvis says:

    Hi!! Im hannah, and im 15 years old. This is really inspirational. With all the other fashions out there, it’s nice to know im not the only girl trying to be modest 🙂

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