“YOU wear it!”

While working in Greece, I shot for an editorial and was asked to get into my next outfit. We had been shooting on location and were now back at the studio. It had been a long day. A normal shooting day in the United States is eight hours. In Europe, there’s no limit. This was one of those fourteen-hour-plus days. I was already tired, but I was about to get a wake-up call I will never forget.

The outfit was a pair of silver pants and a sheer white top. I took one look at the shirt and wondered where the rest of it was. Realizing I had received the total ensemble, I proceeded to the dressing room.

When I returned, the wardrobe stylist said she could see my bra through the top, and I should take it—my bra—off. Just to show her it was too sheer, I did. I went back into the dressing room and removed my bra. I peeked out to make sure the male photographer wasn’t around, then exited the room. I knew for sure she would agree the shirt was entirely too sheer to be worn alone. Imagine my surprise when she loved the look and told me to go to the set! I didn’t move and told her I would not wear it this way. She said in broken English, “Bra no good, but no bra, okay.” Without saying another word, I turned and went back to my dressing area. I took the top off, hung it on its hanger, and carried it out to her. When she saw me, she yelled at me in half Greek, half English to put the top back on and get to the set. I shoved the wrinkled top into her hands and without thinking, replied emphatically, “YOU wear it!”

I was furious and unafraid of the stylist, and she knew it. As I gathered my things to leave, the British makeup artist intervened. “You can wear it with something underneath if it makes you more comfortable.” The stylist left the room without a response and never returned. So, having made my point, I returned to the dressing room.

While I probably wasn’t exactly gentle, my actions certainly defined my faithfulness to my values. Sure, it would have been easier to go with the flow and shoot the top (sheer as it was) how they wanted it. And chances are, no one in America would have seen it. But my Father would have seen it. I heard once that character is who you are when no one is looking. In this case, I could add when no one from America was looking.

As Christians, how we respond in difficult situations speaks volumes about what we actually believe. Let’s practice what we preach.

“Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary use words. -St. Francis of Assisi

(c) Modeling Christ 2013, Rachel Lee Carter

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7 Responses to “YOU wear it!”

  1. This is awesome! By sticking to your standards, God supernaturally intervened with favor. Too many people think, “well, if I just compromise this one time, I’ll be able to set the standards later”, when that’s just not the case. Thanks so much for sharing this, many young models will gain courage by your testimony!

  2. Rebecca says:

    So, then, why the picture? Unfortunately, it’s what first drew my attention to your post on Facebook, instead of the title and content of your article. I’m glad I clicked and read the story, because it gives me boldness in my own clothing choices. But I’m disappointed that my eyes and many others will have once again been drawn to look at something impure. Could you have told the story without it? Or show us the picture of you wearing it with something underneath?

    • Rachel Lee Carter says:

      Good call. This isn’t me though. It is however a top similar to the one they had me wear. Was looking for something like it that told the story. Any ideas on a different pic that tells the story? I’m listening.

  3. Jerad Mellette says:

    Dad’s proud of you sis!

  4. Minouche says:

    I went on google just to look at pictures for christian modest clothing wear and I came across your site. I’m glad i did. I wish that many designers that are christians will open up stores (warehouses) to make it easier. skirts are shorter, tigher, and just appropriate to wear to church and everyday wear. Thank you for standing up. We need to be more like that than of the world

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