Leaves For Medicine

“Along both banks of the river, fruit trees of every kind shall grow; their leaves shall not fade, nor their fruit fail…Their fruit shall serve for food, and their LEAVES FOR MEDICINE.” Ezekiel 47:12

Some of you may be wondering why a website devoted to faith would lead you to a post on Essential Oils…So here’s my story:

Like most people my age, I grew up eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) and visited the doctor when I was sick. Pharmaceuticals, (Rx and OTC) made their way into my life, and I was thankful for their intervention.

About five years ago, a fellow model challenged my husband and me on drinking soda. I didn’t care if it wasn’t healthy, it tasted good. But he persisted about it’s lack of nutrition, and bragged that he hadn’t had a soda in 20 years. DING! DING! DING! (I feel the competitive juices rising in the deepest part of my being,) “I can do that,” I touted. He laughed, but the steely-eyed-I’m-going-to-show-you Rachel went to task.

I gave it up, just like that. But it was only the beginning. When people asked why I didn’t drink sodas, I felt silly explaining my true intent (WIN AT ALL COSTS) so I began to research the negative side effects of the chemical-laden drinks. The more I read, the stronger my resolve. This education led me to learn more about chemicals found elsewhere in our food.

Friends who had already made the health plunge also began chiming in. So I paid attention. I learned about the benefits of a diet low in (or without) meat, sugar and dairy. I introduced more whole foods and organic options into our family’s diet. Raw foods and juicing also made their entrance. While I’m not 100%, or even 75%, I am a sharp contrast to the carnivorous sugar addict I once was.

Now, the essential oil bit: One of those friends  (also a fellow believer) began sharing the health benefits of essential oils, and I thought she had lost her mind. “What kinda voodoo medicine are you peddlin’?” I laughed. All I knew about essential oils was that it was a staple for new-agers. Long ago, I proverbially “threw out the baby with the bathwater,” and would have none of that kool aid. I’m thankful for friends as stubborn as me. She persisted and invited me to learn more.

Haha, well, the  joke was on me. Essential oils have changed our lives. I’ve learned the science behind these amazing God-given compounds and we have experienced incredible health benefits from them. They are our go-to for everything for natural solutions in our health, reducing toxins in our cleaning, pet care and even beauty regimens. Extended and immediate family members have experienced weight-loss (with diet and exercise). And now I’m TRAINING people how to use these God-given gifts He intended for us.

Yes, it’s turned into a business, but it’s first an extension of our ministry. I have a team of like-minded Christians who have been trained in Essential Oils who are faithful to educate others on how to take control of their own family’s health. In our estimation, extending the business, extends the ministry. I’m careful not to give air space to anything in the new-age vernacular–no chakras or mother earth verbiage here.

But I will mention that essential oils are mentioned over 500xs in scripture. I will boast the significance of Mary emptying an alabaster jar of pure nard (Greek for Lavender) on the feet of my Savior Christ Jesus. I will teach the deeper meaning of Frankincense (which must be crushed and bruised to get the life–the oil–out of the tree) and that it was one of the three gifts brought to the Christ Child. Every good and perfect gift is from God, (James 1:17) not mother nature. And this website will give the Creator glory for His gifts.

We aren’t doctors–though we love ours–so allow us to openly disclaim: We will not attempt to claim to diagnose or cure diseases, only God can do that. But we each have an obligation to care for ourselves through true health and wellness. We have found the best option in essential oils…the oils God created from leaves…that was His intention for us, Leaves For Medicine. (Ezekiel 47:12)

For more information, one-on-one training: Contact me at rachelleenc(at)yahoo.com

Click HERE to purchase oils or join the Leaves for Medicine team.

(C) Modeling Christ, Rachel Lee Carter

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