Essential Oil MAMA

Everyday seems to be an adventure with essential oils…take today for example:

I woke up this winter morning slathering my kids down with a mixture of oils of Frankincense, Oregano, Melaleuca, Lemon and Protective Blend before sending them off to school. These all go on the bottoms of their feet (the location of some of the largest pores in the body) and will support their immune systems. My 6 year old also gets a dose of the focus blend on the back of his neck. With it, he seems to be more alert and attentive in class. Without it, he sometimes earns “defining marks” in school.

The kids are out of the house, so I turn on the coffee pot, empty the dishwasher and start another load of laundry.

The day is under way, but I start to feel un-nerved. Why? I couldn’t tell you. It just happens. Usually cyclically, and very predictable, but still unwelcomed. My oil kit holds the answer…the calming/balancing Grounding Blend. For good measure I add a couple drops of Wild Orange oil, known for it’s peace and calming properties as well. Ahhhh. That’s better.

And now to the sofa with my coffee and Bible for my quiet time in God’s Word; the same Bible which revealed these precious oils to me in the first place. Ezekiel 47:12 ~ “Along the bank of the river, on this side and that, will grow all kinds of trees used for food; their leaves will not wither, and their fruit will not fail. They will bear fruit every month, because their water flows from the sanctuary. Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for medicine.”

While reading Psalm 126, I’m distracted by Raleigh, our golden retriever who has become frustrated that his bone is stuck under the sofa where I’m seated. As any good dog mom would, I crouch down and reach to get the bone. But notice his tennis ball is also stuck waaaaay back under the couch. I plunge my arm as far as it can reach to the rear of the sofa in an attempt to retrieve the ball for my retriever, flicking my fingers to get a grasp on the prize. Immediately, (because of my unnatural reach) a strong, hot pain shoots through my neck and shoulder as a cramp, no…a spasm distorts my neck into a position it’s not meant to be in. As the distortion merges onto my face, I hot-foot-it back to my oil kit. A…B…Basil. Yes, Basil. With my only good hand, I unscrew the cap and begin dousing my neck and shoulder with the culinary oil. Within seconds, my arm and neck find their correct position again, as the muscle ache subsides. As I recount this, I shake my head with wonderment and giggle at the thought of people actually believing me. I wouldn’t believe me. It sounds so ridiculous. I get that. I do. But it is true. Basil is one of the best muscle relaxing oils known to man. And it works faithfully and immediately.

Praise Jesus it does.

Once again, the oils have found their way into our lives moment by moment. And it’s never the same day twice with them. Tonight, I’ll be using Vetiver and Lavender for a restful nights’ sleep. In fact, we all will. They will keep me from waking through the night, settle my boys down to rest and will prevent my husband from snoring.

Praise Jesus it does.


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© Rachel Lee Carter


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