I Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Jude is the 6 year old love of our lives. He’s feisty, playful, funny and well…clumsy. (He got that from his dad.) He’s an exceptional athlete at such a young age, and often, a little dangerous. This was the result of running face-first into a tree while attempting to catch a fly-ball:

Scary, right? Yes, I panicked. Would it give him a black eye? Get infected? Leave a nasty scar? I wasn’t sure, but I had learned enough about natural remedies, and the accident gave me an “opportunity” to try a plant based, all natural salve I owned but hadn’t used yet. (Please email me for more information). Now, I’m not going to get all sales-pitchy on you, that’s not what you came here for…but I would be remiss if I didn’t show you what it did.

After applying the ointment

7 days later…

I’ve never seen lacerations and raw skin heal from the inside-out until now. No scabbing–that’s healing from the outside-in. No bruising either. Or pain.

Well, needless to say, we won’t be without this essential phenom. If you’d like a tube of the Neosporin-esque ointment, contact me for information: rachelingreece(at)yahoo.com

(And yes, he caught the ball.) 🙂

For more information, one-on-one training: Contact me at rachelleenc(at)yahoo.com

To purchase oils or join the Leaves for Medicine team: www.mydoterra.com/LeavesForMedicine

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