Essential Oils and Compiance

Leaves for Medicine If you follow natural medicine at all, you know the world of social media is abuzz about the FDA and “Compliance.” So what in the cat-hair is compliance anyway? And why is the Federal Drug Administration concerned about essential oil claims?

At first, I was angered that I wouldn’t be able to teach which oils “cure, treat or prevent” XYZ aliments…but the more I have learned, the more I understand how this benefits the world of natural health, and all of us who run an essential oil ministry and/or business. Let me explain….

God created our bodies to be able to heal themselves. When our bodies have the nutrients they need, they are able to do their jobs more effectively. Pharmaceuticals, or drugs aren’t designed to heal. They’re designed to treat symptoms associated with diseases. Only our bodies can heal. For instance, if I have a headache, I could take an OTC pharmaceutical drug. My headache appears to have gone away–but in actuality, the drug blocked nerve-endings causing the pain to seemingly subside, (while adding additional petrochemicals to my already too toxic body which potentially created the headache to begin with.)

(Find more at: The issue causing the headache still exists. Over time, my body will heal the headache, and the issue causing the headache if it has a good support system: nutrition. Another good support system? Essential Oils. 

Essential oils “support” the body’s many systems (cardiovascular system, muscular-skeletal system, respiratory system, immune system, etc.) This process isn’t drug related at all. That’s why we don’t (and can’t) legally make “drug claims”…because they aren’t drugs. HALLELUJAH!! If they were drugs, they’d only be masking symptoms and adding to our body’s toxicity.

These new compliance regulations allow us to teach what essential oils are and what they’re NOT. Want your body to have all the necessary tools to heal itself naturally? Contact me if you’re interested in learning how you can change your healthcare forever.

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