A “Good” Fake

I asked God to give me a verse for the New Year, and Psalm 19:14 immediately popped into my head:

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength and my Redeemer.

I knew exactly why God chose this verse for me for 2011.

It can be easy to say the right things, (the words of our mouths,) but much more difficult to let the meditation of our hearts follow suit. The words we choose–whether from a microphone at an event, typing out a blog entry or counseling a friend on the phone–must coincide with a heart that pleases Christ. If our motives are distorted, or we speak out of pride or arrogance, or we don’t practice what we preach, then the “meditation of our hearts” is not acceptable in His sight.

For whatever reason, this made me think of the Louis Vuitton bags I used to buy in NYC in China Town. If anyone knows me, they know I won’t pay $2800 for a purse, but I’ll easily fork out $40 for a good fake. A good fake has much of the craftsmanship of the real thing, and many, even on inspection, cannot tell the difference if it’s real or not.

How many of us Christians easily pass as good fakes, because our words are right–when upon God’s inspection of us, the meditation of our hearts cry counterfeit?

Let me challenge you as I am challenged for the New Year, to be the authentic creation God intended…instead of a good fake.

Rachel Lee Carter (C) Modeling Christ 2011

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