Seth on Modesty

Seth Age: 20
State: California
Interests: acting, painting, photography, travel, Spanish culture, art
Future ambition: actor

I grew up with two older sisters. They’ve taught me a lot about women. One of the things I’ve learned is there is a quiet and beautiful dignity about a woman who dresses conservatively. Any man would be fortunate to have a wife like my sisters, but what makes them really special is they have too much self-respect and confidence to wear clothes that reveal too much. I use the word confidence because I feel a girl who’s covered in all the right places is a girl who lives with the freedom of not having to rely on attention for her sense of self-worth. A girl with confidence is much more attractive to me than a girl who feels she has to exploit her body to receive attention or, worse, love.

My sisters are not ashamed of their bodies, and they wear the most current and stylish clothes. Yet they understand great men appreciate modesty. It doesn’t matter how many girlfriends a man has had in his past, when he decides to settle down, his ideal wife will be one who lives modestly. A man who says he doesn’t care about modesty or how his girlfriend dresses is lying.

When I marry, I want to find a woman I alone can fully appreciate. I believe young women should learn to value a sense of mystery. The more a woman destroys the mystery for a man, the more he will only be interested in what’s going on from the neck down. All men are guilty of it, including myself, unfortunately. When a girl can barely walk because of her tight-fitting or revealing clothes, a man will either pursue her solely out of lust or automatically dismiss her as someone he doesn’t want to be with.

There’s a saying that goes, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” This is a lie. Instead it should say,

“If you’ve got it, protect it.”

Great women like my mother and sisters took this idea and lived their lives by it. This is the type of woman I’m interested in getting to know because modesty and confidence in a woman is a very powerful and attractive combination. —Seth


Fashioned by Faith, Rachel Lee Carter

Rachel Lee Carter (c) Modeling Christ 2011

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One Response to Seth on Modesty

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi your blog/posts is such an inspiration to me reading ”Seth on modesty” confirmed a lot of things that i was thinking such as dressing modesty means you value, and respect yourself.

    It also means your secure enough in the love of god to dress modest and not seek male attention for all the wrong reasons. I recently went on a fst and it happened so randomly i started taking inventory of my waldrobe and fashion choices.

    I realised that i had subtly compromised certain items i threw my pink mini skirt out because it was almost mid thigh i said to myself this is ok. It was not.

    I feel such a difference its a positive feeling. Keep up the good work 🙂

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