“Do you want to get well?”

getwell“When Jesus saw him lying there and knew he had already been there a long time, He said to him, ‘Do you want to get well?'”- John 5:6

For some time I have not understood the meaning of this verse. The man had been an invalid for 38 years. Duh. Of course he wanted to get well. Right? Was this, or was this not a valid question from Jesus?

I have found that there are people who do NOT really want to be well. Why? Maybe because they don’t want to change their diet, or take supplements that would improve their health. Or maybe they’re comfortable in their sickness and enjoy the attention it brings. (Now before I get blasted, I know that every sickness doesn’t fall into this category, but many do. 50% of Adult disease comes from emotional stressors or diet.)
Whatever the reason, we have to honestly ask ourselves, “Do I really want to be well?” What a thought provoking question Jesus asked.
I was on a prescription medication for anxiety for 17 years. I had to answer the question. And by acknowledging that I DID want to get well meant that I had to make changes. I needed to eat real food and get into an exercise routine. I needed to reduce my toxic load. It also meant that I’d have to take about 5 different whole-food and plant based supplements daily. With every meal. And that means I had to have them with me at all times. Which meant I had to carry a purse, and I wasn’t used to that. (Do you see where I’m going?) I could’ve said, it’s too hard. Just take the drug. Side effects and all.

But I answered the question–I WANTED TO GET WELL. What about you? Some of us need physical healing. Others may need psychological or emotional healing. I needed all three. The good news is there are natural solutions like nutrition, whole-food supplements and essential oils that may help your body heal itself. We just need to answer the question and make the changes.

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Rachel Lee Carter (c) Modeling Christ

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