Corporate Modesty

‘The Harvard Business Review writes about how dressing professionally and conservatively can advance careers: “Women, in particular, believed that dressing the part was a vital factor in attaining success: 53% of them felt aspiring female execs needed to

toe a very conservative line…avoiding flashy make-up,
plunging necklines, too-short or too-tight skirts,

and long fingernails. “Indeed, half the women surveyed and 37% of the men…understood that if you don’t look the part of a leader, you’re not likely to be given the role.’

One’s reputation, position, advancement and financial success directly correlate to modest dress in the workplace. With the exception of course, of the oldest profession in the world…prostitution.


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2 Responses to Corporate Modesty

  1. Ron Hill says:

    Rachel, I listened to your interview on Family Life Today and found it refreshing. I will get your book and give it to our youngest daughter. She has a fashion merchandizing degree and works for a major department store chain. She is a Christian in the management program with them so the struggles you speak of are probably akin in the fashion field. She loves to read, so this should be right down her alley!

    • Rachel Lee Carter says:

      Thank you, Ron! I’m glad there are other Christians in the fashion industry that can take firm stands about fashion and faith! Thank you!

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