Skinny Jeans VS. Jeggings

I’m a sucker for fashion—always have been. But jeans lately have veered toward tight-fitting, or even skintight. In fact, jeans that are so tight, are not considered jeans at all. They’re “Jeggings.” Jean material in the cut of leggings. While I’m all for fashion, these are not the skinny jeans of modern trend, and they are not at all to be considered modest. Skinny jeans don’t mean skintight jeans. There is a difference. Mine are slim-fitted and tapered to my legs, not painted on them. A useful tip for me is to stand straight and pinch the fabric on my thigh and see if it stays. If it maintains some remnant of the bowed, pinched shape, they’re fitted but still modest. If it snaps back (or are so snug I can’t even pinch them), they’re too tight.

Unbelievably, skin-tight pants, spanx and jeggings have also been known to contribute to compressed nerves in the pelvis called meralgia paresthetica. The clothing pinches the femoral cutaneous nerve that runs along the thigh and pelvic area and can create recurrent abdominal pain, bladder and yeast infections and/or blood clots.

Maybe that’s what it means to be dressed to kill!

Like I said, I’m a sucker for fashion but not at the expense of my integrity or health.

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5 Responses to Skinny Jeans VS. Jeggings

  1. What a great post! I am impressed with the research you made to make this article awesome. Thanks very much for providing information about skinny jeans.

  2. Carter-Brook says:

    I love how high your standerds are… thank you for the test to see if pants are too tight. As a christian teen, I am eager to find practical tests to see if what i’m wearing is modest.

  3. Katy says:

    I can understand how you would think that skinnier pants like that are not modest and also contribute to health issues but they do make leggings to have some extra room in them mine have never been uncomfortably tight, however they are tight enough to show things you dont want to. So I always layer mine with a dress or very long shirt that is not tight so then this way you cannot see anything that shouldnt be seen. Honestly I just think all the pairs of leggings I have are as comfortable as sweat pants but dont give that “I didnt feel like changing out of my pajamas” look. I however do not ever wear them without layering over them though. I do not agree with that. I have never tried jeggings so I dont know about them….. but I would be incredibly uncomfortable in them if they were really tight in my pelvic area… of course the top of mine are normally at my natural waist since no one can see them anyways for all the layers over them 🙂

    • Rachel Lee Carter says:

      No, I think we do agree 🙂 Those tighter pants are fine, if a dress or long top is worn over them, completely covering the thighs and rear. If it were me, I’d insist the hem of the garment fall no more than 6″ above the knee. Thanks for your response!

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