Younger Feet?

I recently was asked by my agency to submit recent pictures of my feet for a possible photo shoot. A big one. “No problem,” I thought. I shoot “hands and/or feet” jobs often. The trick is my smaller-than-the-average-model size 7 foot. A sample size. So, I had my husband snap some pics and I forwarded them to my agent. After a few hours, the verdict was in. “They want younger feet,” my booker reported. Come again? Younger feet? How are feet young? I laughed it off as “a new one,” but was reminded of the verse in Romans 10:15:

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”

No one in Bible times had beautiful feet. People either went barefoot or wore sandals. Country roads were rocky and dirty. Even city streets were filthy. Because people had very little foot protection, their feet took a lot of abuse and were often considered the ugliest parts of their bodies.

But because the Gospel message of Jesus is so good, those who shared their faith had feet that God considered beautiful. Our feet are instruments of the gospel–whether we’re representing Christ on a photo shoot, at school, work, or wherever we spend our time.

And that goes for feet of all ages 🙂

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