Every Kiss begins with “Kay”

So I got the call. My booker asked if I would be willing to shoot for one of America’s largest jewelers…Kay Jewels. What a lovely honor. Wearing beautiful–and very expensive jewelry–for their in-store posters, and getting paid well to do it. Oh, except that little tag-line they use: “Every kiss begins with ‘Kay’….” Yes, it would mean that for these luxurious shots, I would be mouth to mouth with a male model. Um, no thanks.

“But it’s just acting”, another model quipped. No. It’s kissing. Acting is when I pretend to do something, like, say steal a cookie from the cookie jar. Director yells “cut” and the cookie is placed back in the jar for me to yet “steal it” again. Over and over again. Did I actually steal the cookie? No. I was acting like I was. That’s something altogether different than actually kissing another man. A man who is not my husband.

I hate having to turn down jobs. But my integrity is not for sale. Fortunately, as God often does, He offered me a job two days after I turned down the Kay shoot. “Rachel,” my booker, Adrienne called, “I’ve got a booking for you for Jared’s Jewelry company. And it’s the same rate Kay jewels was. But you don’t have to kiss anyone. Are you available?”

🙂 I did the shoot for Jared’s, and I actually received twice the pay. (We ran long shooting it.)

God is so into the details of our lives. He waits to see if we’ll choose Him and the path of integrity over all this world has to offer. When we trust Him, He’s faithful to provide for our needs. We never have to compromise, believing the lies of “everyone else is doing it,” or “it’s the only way.” We serve a very big God, and it just so happens…He is also my Booker.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.” -Proverbs 3:5,6

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9 Responses to Every Kiss begins with “Kay”

  1. Katy Flood says:

    Love this post! You are a woman of integrity and God has honored that! I love that you didn’t want to kiss another man! Good for you!
    Blessings in all you do,


  2. Love it! What an example of purity and obedience to God and honoring your husband!!!

    • admin says:

      Thank you! And isn’t it great, that God still blessed me with another jewelry job, and He didn’t have to. (He’s so good!)

  3. Kristyn Phipps says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Even if you hadn’t gotten the job for Jared, God still would have been glorified. Instead, He blessed you more for the obedience. It’s so hard for women (especially women, I think) to say no to the pressures of the world. We are emotionally attached to everything – what people say, think, and do – that it’s hard to say no because of that fear of rejection.

    Praise the Lord, you have come to accept His righteousness over the jewels of the world. Greater is He that is in you than he that is on the world!

    Bless you sweet sister!

  4. Sharon says:

    I totally agree, I can’t imagine kissing another man, no matter how much I’d be paid! It’s just not right. So glad God blessed you with another job, that paid even more! He is so good.

  5. It’s so beautiful to see your heart for God shining through the words of this post. He has given you such a strong commitment to doing what pleases Him, which is very inspiring! And I love that He provided an even better job just two days later. Thanks for the reminder of His faithfulness and blessing. Love you ~

  6. Yohan Perera says:

    Rachel…, I don’t understand how on earth men and women make up their mind to actually kiss someone other than their spouse for the sake of money.

  7. I applaud your integrity! God is so good, isn’t he?
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

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