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Rachel’s Most Requested Topics:

Suitable for Keynotes or Breakout sessions

Ten Things I learned in the Fashion Industry (35 minutes)

Setting the stage with her testimony of how she met Christ as a professional model in New York City, Rachel goes onto tell TEN Biblical lessons God taught her using an unlikely source: her career and the world of high fashion. Lessons in nutrition and modesty, confidence and trust. And though the world tells us we are mediocre, God tells us we are His masterpiece. In this inspiring and humorous session, women will:

  • Understand the difference between self-love and self-confidence
  • How to make God and His Word our standard in our lives, careers and motivations
  • Learn five important tips on modeling modesty
  • Identity in Christ

Modeling Modesty  (35 Minute Session)

As a professional model, it is somewhat of an oxymoron that Rachel teaches on modesty. What is modesty anyway? A quick Google search of “Modesty Movement” proves once and for all that pure fashion is IN. This jam packed, fun session is great for tween, teen and adult women alike. Get ready to be challenged like never before as she shares a portion of her testimony along with good common sense values and guidelines that are no longer old-fashioned! Modest IS Hottest!  Rachel’s message has helped thousands of teens and women to:

  • Learn the value of modesty from guys’ perspective and God’s perspective
  • Look at their wardrobe in a new light and be challenged to make changes that reflect pure fashion
  • Understand that modesty is an issue of the heart not the hemline
  • Apply easy and practical tips to keep them fashion-forward and God-honoring

“A woman who loves Jesus Christ as her Mediator avoids immodesty because she refuses to distract from or misrepresent the purity of the Gospel: it’s that simple. What you wear is connected to the Cross.” ~Pastor Rick Holland

**Some organizations like to host a Modesty Conference or Christian Fashion Show with Rachel as the keynote speaker.

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I Surrender All? (40 minute session)

Reserved for spiritually mature audiences. 1 Corinthians 13:7 states that [love] always trusts (NIV). But many of us—though we say so—don’t actually trust God, especially if things go terribly wrong. The uncommon truth is, if we don’t trust God, then we can’t say we love Him either. According to this passage, the two are synonymous. How difficult is it for us to hold out our hands in a gesture of surrender to God? What if surrender brings something we don’t want? This deep truth and teaching from God’s Word challenges even the most devoted believers to:

  • Identify the barriers that keep us from true freedom in Christ
  • Learn that “dying to self” means we must attend a funeral—our own
  • Identify with others who have crossed over into a place of true surrender, from the Biblical patriarch Abraham to the modern theologians Oswald Chambers and A.W. Tozer
  • Respond to God through recommitment and begin the process of total surrender

Confessions of a Teen Model (30 minute session)

In this session, Rachel combine the allure of the modeling industry—and moving to NYC at the tender age of 18—with her own personal salvation testimony. She shares her own issues of pride and failures and how surrendering her life to Christ transformed her industry into her ministry. One can be a model for Christ without being in the fashion industry, and she can show you how. This is especially great for mixed youth groups. This session will inspire listeners to:

  • Take an inventory of their secular music and media choices by understanding how it affects us as Christians
  • See pride as Satan’s most strategic weapon and how to have victory over it
  • Respond to God’s call on their lives through salvation or recommitment
  • Hear how God can use them in any industry for His glory

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Pure Passion (30 minute session)

Purity is a word often associated with abstinence, but in the Word of God, we learn that purity should be found in every level of our lives. Purity of heart, mind and body are all areas that reflect a proper relationship to others and to God. Sexual purity is delivered in a fresh new way with a memorable illustration and take-away memento. Best suitable for male and/or female teen and young adult audiences. Listeners will be challenged as never before to:

  • See the downward spiral that impurity creates in all areas of their lives
  • Take a closer look at their choices and how the domino effect can work for good or bad
  • Bury judgmental attitudes toward others as they hear the heart of a Christian girl’s journal and how her decisions affected her destiny
  • Dedicate their purity to Christ, regardless of their past

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Model Missions (30 minute session)

It’s been said that we as Christians are all called to the mission field; the difference is whether it is IN our vocation, or AS our vocation. In this session, Rachel shares her personal salvation testimony and how one can share Christ where she (or he) is. This is a basic understanding of evangelism based on John 9:1-25 and is suitable for church audiences of all spiritual maturity levels. This encouraging message will help listeners:

  • Be motivated to share the Gospel
  • Discover the ease and reward of witnessing
  • Apply Biblical examples to modern-day obedience
  • Learn how our mouths were made to give God glory and how Satan tries to use them for his purposes

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Rachel will gladly tailor her talk to fit your conference theme. In every session, unless to a secular audience such as a public school, Rachel can share the plan of salvation.

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