Planning Your Event

As always, Rachel is available to share at your event as a Keynote or breakout session speaker. But sometimes, instead of a one-time 40-minute keynote talk, many groups like to host a weekend retreat or conference-style event featuring Rachel. These are events customized for women and teen girls. We’ve made the planning easy for you by outlining a complete package of what our Modeling Christ Events might look like.

Thinking of hosting a Mother-Daughter event? A Women’s ministry weekend retreat? A Girls’ Night Out Conference? Read more below to see what we might be able to do at your church, school or group.

What people are saying about these events:
“I’m so happy, I feel like I don’t have to try so hard anymore.  I can’t wait to throw out my music and delete my pictures I shouldn’t have and I’m just so happy.  I thought this would be hard but I can’t wait!  I wanna have my own style!”
“I learned that not everything needs to be so short.”
“I learned that what you wear affects the type of man who will be interested in you.”
“Guys recognize that girls who dress bad feel insecure about themselves.”
how to book rachel for your event
What people are saying about these events:
“A wonderful reminder that God is never finished with us and he has a perfect plan for our lives”
“It is encouraging to know that if God can carry her through her past, He can carry any of us through anything.”
“Rachel’s testimony has helped me to embrace all of the things in my life that have not gone so well.”
“Rachel brought things back into perspective for me.”

For an exceptional Event Planning guide developed by the ministry of, click HERE. Jumonville is a Christian Camp and Retreat Center affiliated with the UMC and located in the very beautiful Laurel Highlands mountains of South Western Pennsylvania. Modeling Christ appreciates the use of this wonderful resource!


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